Terms and conditions

Payment Methods

All purchases can be paid through the Transbank WebPay platform with Credit or Debit Cards or via Bank Transfer through the Khipu App, Paypal or Mercado Pago.

The Wiser reserves the right not to accept a payment by credit card, being able to cancel the Order Request in case of doubts that the buyer is not the holder of the credit card provided. The Wiser does not store information about the credit cards provided by the user on its web platform.


Prices will be expressed in Chilean Pesos (CLP) and US Dolars (USD)  and will include taxes (VAT included). Shipping costs are NOT included in the price of the items as they will depend on the number of items selected and the place of delivery of the order.

Before confirming the order, The Wiser reserves the right to notify the buyer of any price error that may exist in it, with the buyer being able to cancel his order request, reimbursing, if applicable, the amount paid and offering alternative possibilities that satisfy the client or accept the proposed price.

Important: The prices in physical stores are not always the same as those of the website.



All our products have a 3 month Warranty for manufacturing defects. To validate your warranty you must present your ticket or purchase invoice.

When your purchased product has failures, you must contact sales@wiser.cl directly or attend our store in New Providence 045 Local 43b or phone +56232244963

Important: A review of your product will always be done to confirm that the fault corresponds to manufacturing failures. Otherwise, the warranty is not effective.


Wiser Accesorios SpA. is affected by the lays of Chile,

The Client through the Legal Guarantee can opt to:

1) Product Repair: If the customer accepts the repair, the legal guarantee is suspended / frozen for the time the product is in Technical Service. At the time of delivering the product to the customer, the time of the legal guarantee corresponding to the purchase is resumed

2) Change of Product for a new one

3) Money back, canceling the purchase.

Do not forget to always have your ticket or invoice in hand as it is your backup to make the guarantee valid.

Important : The guarantee applies to products in liquidation or discount but excludes products of second selection, auction or acquired in informal trade.

* All shipping costs for warranty purposes must be paid by the customer.