Our Story

The Wiser was born 8 years ago from the mind of Cecilia Molina, Jewelry and accessories designer. In 2016, she decided to formally establish a store called “Wiser Accesorios” in the Dos Caracoles Gallery.

The brand focuses on developing an alternative line to traditional jewelry stores and focuses entirely on the male audience, the world of Rock n 'Roll, Rockabilly, Heavy Metal, Rockers, Punks and Motorcyclists. 

We have a mix of originally designed products and high quality imported brands. We seek to incorporate style into the national music scene and all those who seek to show their attitude through fashion.

We like to match bands and brands to cooperate in the development of the national scene. If you have an idea about that, you can write to ventas@wiser.cl .

Our Friends

Bands and Musicians:

  • Cleaver - @ Cleaverband
  • Exxocet - @ Exxocetofficial
  • Priapo - @ Priapo.rock
  • King of Liars - @ Kingofliarsband
  • Deck - @ Decktheband
  • Jayal - @Jayalchile
  • Tomás Kelly - Lead Guitar @ Devil Presley
  • Carlos Lira - Biker @ White Beard
  • Eduardo Jensen - Composer / Recording Artist @ Instagram
  • Max Donoso - Music, Composer and Producer @ Instagram